Rules and Expectations for A Wonderful Week at SYC

We all want to enjoy the week and experience God at SYC. Certain things can distract from this. Here are some rules for youth and leaders to follow so everyone will enjoy the week:

  1. Keep track of your belongings (Bible, bathing suit, towels, bedding, camera, money, etc.). Mark your name on everything. Leave valuables with your leader (or at home).
  2. Wear appropriate clothes. T-shirts with suggestive logos or art work are not appropriate, and you will be asked to change. Modesty is very important. No short shorts, no spaghetti strap tank tops, and no bikinis (tankinis okay).
  3. Pack carefully. The focus of the week is on God, and electronic toys can distract from this. No iPods, portable gaming devices, laptops, portable DVD players, etc. If you bring them for the trip, leave them with your church group leader after you arrive. Your leader will return your items for the trip home.
  4. Cell phones may be used during meals and free times. They are not to be used during organized activities such as worship, bible study, track times or rec. If a leader sees you using your phone during these activities they will take it away and give it back at the end of camp. Cell phones may also be taken away at a leaders discretion if they feel it is too much of a distraction. There is no wifi at camp nor will it be provided. SYC is not responsible for any lost or damaged phones.
  5. No tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are permitted on the premises. If you are caught with any alcohol or drugs, you will be sent home immediately at your expense. Random checks may occur.
  6. Once you have arrived at camp, you are not allowed to leave campus until camp is over. If there is a very special circumstance, youth may leave with a leader and with the permission of the director. If you are under 18 and have driven to camp with your own vehicle, please turn in your keys to your church leader upon arrival.
  7. We need to respect the camp and each other by keeping the camp clean. Clean-up assignments will be given at camp. Each person is responsible for doing their part during the week and on the last day.
  8. Attendance is mandatory for all activities. Being on time is really important. If illness prevents you from participating in some activity, you must inform your church group leader (and your teacher/ rec leader if you are missing a class/recreation).
  9. Lights out is strictly enforced to make sure we all get the rest we need to enjoy SYC. At anytime, girls stay out of guys rooms, and guys out of girls rooms.

These expectations are in place to facilitate the best week possible at youth camp. If at any time these expectations are not met, it is up to the discretion of your church group leader and the SYC team to impose consequences.