Dear Parents & Leaders

When we started planning for SYC 2020 back in September, we never would have expected the world to change so much! Our team has been closely watching the AHS guidelines as the province begins to reopen, but we are faced with the reality that SYC at Three Hills cannot happen this year. This was not an easy decision and our team is saddened that we won’t be able to spend the week together. However, we are still committed to provide our youth and leaders with an opportunity for worship, discipleship, community and adventure, even if it looks very different this year. 

We are excited to announce SYC ONLINE! Our team is busy planning free online evening hangout sessions via Zoom. We are hoping that by July, half the evenings can be done in small groups with evenings as individual times at home. Please keep in mind that these plans need to be flexible so keep checking back for the most up to date details.  

These past few months have been and continue to be a difficult time for everyone, especially our youth. And we understand that there will be some mixed feelings about this format. Know that we are not trying to replicate or replace camp, we know it’s going to be different but we wanted to provide an opportunity for our students to stay engaged.

Please help us in encouraging your youth to embrace this different format this year. For those students graduating this, we are working out details to be able to include them next summer so they will still get that last in person SYC.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need support for your or your youth! We thank you all for working with us through this challenging time and we will continue to post updates as we make our decisions.

Thank You and God Bless!

Katie Derkach & Matt Ma
Summer Youth Celebration Directors


SYC Team

This years planning team for SYC consists of the following people:
Mike Bogelund, Richmond Hill Baptist Church, Calgary
Ada & Derwin Buting, Calgary Chinese Baptist Church, Calgary
Katie Derkach, Jasper Place Baptist Church, Edmonton
Matt Ma, Evangel Baptist Church, Edmonton
Sasha Miltreiger, Jasper Place Baptist Church, Edmonton
David Ong, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane
Brenda Peacock, Tapestry Baptist Church, Cochrane
Rob & Sara Schmidtke, The Pathway, Calgary
Tim Wuthrich, Bow Valley Baptist Church, Cochrane